How Do You Become a Powerful Creator?

Through Practice.

That’s what we do at Good Vibe U –

the hottest LOA party in town!

Dear Fellow Creator, if you’re like many students of manifesting, you’ve got an impressive collection of LOA books. You’ve seen the Secret, studied Abraham, and can manifest rock-star parking at the drop of a hat.

As a result, you’ve got a good head start on how the world really works. (“Thoughts become things” and all that.) And yet … maybe you don’t live it like you know you could. Maybe you dip into old habits of working too hard or worrying too much.

Maybe you’d like to get even better at manifesting what you want. Because you know more is possible for you when it comes to creating dreams come true.

And maybe you’d like good company to grow your manifesting skills, because not all of your friends and family are down with this creating-your-own-reality stuff.

It might be time to expand your circle.

You’ve heard that “we are who we hang out with,” which is a good reason to connect with other conscious creators who are committed to engaging their manifesting powers.

That’s when magic happens.

Here’s what you can expect when you step into the world of GVU:

Step 1: Vibration management becomes second nature.

You meet folks who live and breathe manifesting principles, and it inspires you to a new way of living as well. The more we share and connect – the better we get at this and the more we believe in our ability to manifest big dreams. It’s no longer a weird “woo woo” way of living – this is where the action is. This is the leading edge!

Step 2: You get inspired by others.

You’ll read Nancy’s story about how she used her favorite clearing technique to realign when the pressure was on. You’ll hear Brenda’s experience about how her inspiration to make a liquor store run ended her unemployment streak with a dream come true job offer. You’ll remember Jacqui’s technique for getting the roles she wanted on stage. And you’ll remember that you can do this and more, because we become stronger manifestors when that’s who we hang out with.

Step 3: You learn new manifesting tricks and techniques.

Yes, we think we know everything we need to until we learn something new that changes everything. Something that clicks in a way it didn’t before – taking us to a new level of understanding and practice. It happens to me every week – and I find myself quoting GVU members regularly during private client sessions. It is so cool how together we become more!

Step 4: You pay it forward.

The only thing better than rocking it out with your own manifesting game is helping someone else do the same. Not to mention that the joy of giving is one of the highest vibrations we engage – which could be one of the reasons the GVU community is so generous with each other. It also happens that passing knowledge along to others is one of the best ways to master it yourself.

Manifesting like you mean it.

This isn’t just a bunch of Abe fans posting YouTube clips and sharing quotes.

This is an exceptionally supportive and open-minded community of spiritually savvy creators who are delighted to root for your success while upping our own manifesting game.

We don’t operate under rules; we don’t use moderators; everyone gets the microphone when they want it.

We don’t suppress self-promotion; indeed we’d love to learn from what you have studied and experienced. The collective knowledge of this community is one of the best benefits!

You simply won’t find a more generous, supportive, fun-loving, savvy community of co-creators.

And we’d love to meet you.

Even if you never introduce yourself or join a live call or post in the forums – you’ll still benefit from being in this environment of empowerment and purpose.

There’s something very powerful about hanging out with those who are up to the same game you are…  Here’s my own personal experience…

Once I went to a bloggers conference in Las Vegas. At the time I felt out of my element – I didn’t really think of myself as a blogger. Yes, I had a blog. Yes, I used it for business. Yes, I wanted it to be better. But I wasn’t like these guys – who lived and breathed blogging as if it were their true love in life. But after just three days of being in their midst, I felt my identity shift – from a wannabe blogger to a genuine, legitimate real life blogger. I knew things. I had skills. I picked up tips from the pros. This is where I became a blogger. And to this day my blog is one of the most highly trafficked LOA blogs on the net. (Maybe you know it?)

That’s what happens when you spend time with conscious creators.

You get better at using your creative powers.

You embrace skills you didn’t know you had.

You gain a mastery that makes all the difference in how you walk through the world.

And it changes how you think of yourself. Never again will you feel like your dreams are out of reach … because you know anything is possible.

And you walk side by side with other people who not just believe it – but practice it.

You begin to own your skills to create what you want: Peace. Love. Good times. Thriving relationships. Healthy body. Skyrocketing career. Huge financial abundance.

Whatever you dream of, we can help you bring it to life.

A Conscious Creator’s Paradise

What You’ll Get at Good Vibe U:

Weekly Calls

Weekly live calls to enhance your manifesting know-how, led by Good Vibe Coach Jeannette Maw or one of our many fabulous faculty and community members. This is one of our favorite ways to “normalize” the art of manifesting – by gathering with like-minded others on a regular basis to share tips!


Full Library

Full library of archived calls, articles and newsletters dating back to site inception in 2010. There’s no such thing as being late to this party, when all the wisdom and explorations from past gatherings are available to you for listening online or downloading to your mobile device.


Private Forums

Private forums on a variety of subjects close to any creator’s heart: body and health, love and relationships, money and finances, success stories, requests for support, manifesting resources, vibe lifters and more. Peruse at your leisure or sign up for posts to be delivered to your inbox.

Free Coaching

Complimentary coaching from the GVU coaches. Sometimes it just takes one session with a savvy LOA coach to get you unstuck and back on track to success. Our coaches offer complimentary sessions to GVU members with no strings attached, no upsells, no annoying pitches – just pure 1-1 LOA savvy support.

Online Resources

Compiled & curated articles and videos from LOA teachers across the globe. This collection comprises the best of the best online resources for conscious creators, all designed to help you embrace your manifesting powers to the fullest.

LOA Courses

Law of Attraction courses led by Jeannette. Others have paid up to $700 to participate in some of these classes – all of which are available to you as part of your paid membership. Courses include Body Love Lab, Vibration Boot Camp, Money Manifesting, The Role of Action, and more.

Playing with Savvy Co-Creators Across the Globe

Uplevels Your Manifesting Game.

It’s also a rockin’ good time. Here’s what members have to say:

Christie Inge, Intuitive Eating Coach

I just joined a bit ago and love it around here already. Just logging in is a vibe lifter!

Sarah Seidelmann, Joy Junket

Feeling gratitude for all of the incredible positive energy exuded from this lovely, curious, inspiring, astonishing, generous and deeply connected group of people. Seriously- this place is powerful. This place of HIGHER learning is truly focused on the stuff that REALLY matters.

Berta Bauer, Lighthouse Coaching

I was only going to spend a couple minutes looking in here. That was an hour and a half ago. This is a great place to get lost, or maybe more appropriately this is a great place to get found. So much food for the soul here. Thank you all.

Cari Rauch, Unconventional Chiks

I love being a part of this group – the calls – the people – it really just kicks my vibe into high gear which I can so totally tell it’s having a fabulous affect on my life!

Judy Marcellot, Sacred Gardens
The first 30 minutes alone of the Making Peace call was worth the year’s membership fee, for sure!

Auretha Callison, Fashion Stylist

I’m tickled. I’m blessed. I’m thankful. I feel some amazing shifts. I feel that my brain is finally molding to the truths I am learning here. The value is INCREDIBLE! The camaraderie is exceptional!! I feel soooo blessed right now!

Kim Falconer, Falconer Astrology

… just signing up for GVU will change our lives. Really, immersing in this energy is transformational, effortlessly so!

Nikki Shannon, artist and web designer
OMG… just spent a few minutes poking around. I’m going to dedicate my former facebook time to GVU. It’ll be WAY better for me in the long run! Soooo excited!

Harmony Harrison, Intuitopia

Everyone I’ve met at GVU has totally knocked my socks off. We’re a hummin’ team.

Janelle Holden, Montana, USA

Loving Good Vibe U! Pure genius. Best B-day present I’ve given myself in a long time. Total soul food.

Add Your Name To Those Raving About GVU

As a member you’ll get these LOA courses delivered to your inbox:

System Intel:

How the Universe works (hint: it’s energy based, not action based); what vibration management is; how our understanding of conscious creation has evolved; the movers and shakers to plug into.

Vibration Boot Camp:

A run down of the most powerful LOA practices and drills for you to engage right now to begin mastering them. This is what separates the preachers from the practitioners. This course alone can change everything for you. Others have paid $700 for this course alone.

The Role of Action:

Get clear about when it’s time to take action, when it’s time to do nothing, and what actions are actually required for your dreams to unfold. (Includes help for action addicts to release old habits of efforting and overworking.)

Gremlin & Naysayer Management:

What to do with those nagging negative thoughts that spoil the vibrational party? We all have ‘em, but not everyone has to suffer the sabotage of that noisy inner critic – or the external naysayers in our lives. You’ll learn how to surpass the negativity flowing your way.

Customize Your Practice:

This course teaches how to discover your best practice for manifesting success. Some succeed with lots of discipline, routine, regularity and structure – others find better alignment with a light touch. Here you’ll learn to identify your best custom path to getting what you want.

Bouncing Back:

This one’s all about the art of getting back in the saddle after life’s knocked you a blow. Includes the often dismissed skill of “feeling your feelings fully” as well as making peace with what is and re-engaging big dreams in the face of past failure.

Tapping the Team:

Are you trying to make all your dreams come true by yourself? Many conscious creators forget to call on the power of their guides, helpers, angels, higher self and more. Discover the art of outsourcing and delegation for making big dreams come true.

Quantum Leaping:

Saving the best for nearly last, this course guides savvy creators through the process of navigating multiple parallel realities for instant manifestations. (Not for the uninitiated.)

Identity Shifting:

Learn how to drop your story on a dime and replace it with a self-perception that requires your dreams to unfold. When you master this one, the world is at your beck and call.

And that’s just the beginning of what you’ll get as member of this tribe. For less than the cost of a dinner out, you can set yourself up for huge manifesting success.

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Welcome to the World of Mainstream Manifesting!

Ok, we might not be “mainstream” just yet – but we’re on our way! And having such a blast creating our own reality.

Together We Can Do Awesome Things.

There’s something you should know about enrolling here …

When you join the party at Good Vibe University, you become family.

My driving mission in life is to inspire fellow creators. That’s why I’m here. It’s what I’ve devoted my life’s work to.

This relationship means something to me.

If you want to continue reading and searching and struggling to make a shift in your life, this is not the place for that.

This is the place for empowerment, for magic, for transformation, for fun and good times – for living our most expanded lives.

You can count on me to support your success in a wide variety of ways. The same way I would a sister, a client, a friend. I’m taking your manifesting success seriously. And that’s a promise.

If you have any questions, email me at

To your success, Jeannette

Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

Q: Who is Jeannette?

A: You mean besides the most LOA-obsessed person you’ll ever meet? Well … I am a full-time manifesting geek who is devoted to inspiring fellow creators to engage their manifesting superpowers. I write books, I coach clients, I blog, sometimes I speak and even do a few videos. I also love animals and nature. And chocolate. And yoga. And movies. And Mexican food. I live and breathe all things LOA. GVU is made up of conscious creators from all over the globe, all ages, a wide variety of professions – but what we all have in common is a commitment to leveraging LOA to our highest good.

Q: How did I get to be such a geek for manifesting?

A: I learned manifesting the hard way … On my own. Reading everything I could get my hands on. Abraham, Bashar, McTaggart, Grabhorn, Dooley, Dyer, Hay, Vitale, Canfield – you name it, I’ve read it. Or watched it. Or attended it. By the time I hired an LOA savvy coach, I’d spent three years studying this material and practicing it with mixed results. When my life changed more in three months of working with a fellow creator than it had in the three years of rolling solo, I knew I wanted to help other people get through the learning curve faster than I did. Thus, my passion for working with co-creators. If someone has said something, published a consumable medium, or thought about it regarding conscious creation; I ate it up. And I put the knowledge into practice. Some of it worked; some of it didn’t. I learned a lot along the way. Coaching hundreds of other manifestors helped refine my understanding of conscious creation. If there were a master’s degree for manifesting, I’d have earned it.

Q: If I’m new to all this, will this be helpful?

A: Our early days at GVU were geared for savvy creators specifically. But now we cater to everyone who has an interest in LOA. We have basic foundation tutorials for newbies, and advanced discussions for the manifesting pros.

Q: If I’m an old hat at this, will this be helpful?

A: If you’re an old hat, you know the answer to this one. It is what you expect. Set an intention for a rockin’ good time, and you know we’ll deliver. (Although we can hardly take credit for it – since it is what you make it.) But still … we think we’ve got a really good thing going on here and make it exceptionally easy for you to tap the vibrations of success and empowerment at this party. We’ll save a seat for you …